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Code of Conduct for Shinkawa Group

Established on March 23, 2007


Shinkawa Group maintains its important position in society by not only seeking for profits through fair competitions, but also by contributing to the development of the technology platform that would sustain the industry. Therefore, the“Code of Conduct for Shinkawa Group”is prescribed below, and all directors and employees shall act in accordance therewith. The company's top management especially acknowledges their roles in establishing the company's activity based upon this code of conduct and endeavors to keep Shinkawa Group informed thereof while taking initiative to set a good example for them.

  1. Shinkawa Group meets the needs of its customers and contributes to the solution of problems or issues addressed by them, by developing and providing advanced products that would seek to maximize safety and trust.
  2. Shinkawa Group endeavors to establish healthy and appropriate relationships with suppliers and enforces fair business activities while complying with the law and having social common sense.
  3. Shinkawa Group strives to engage in communication with a socially wide range of stakeholders and improves management transparency of the company.
  4. Shinkawa Group realizes the establishment of a workplace in which the group members respect each other’s personality and unique characteristics, take initiative to act with autonomy, and demonstrate their creativity.
  5. Shinkawa Group acknowledges the fact that taking an approach to environmental preservation is an indispensable challenge that would have an effect on the existence of the company organization and takes continual and active actions for environmental preservation.
  6. Shinkawa Group reaffirms its resolute stance against antisocial force and organization that would threaten the safety and order of civil society.
  7. When engaging in international business activities, Shinkawa Group acts on the basis of mutual trust while not only respecting the cultures and customs of local people, but also complying with international and local rules.
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