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Message from the President and CEO, Representative Director

SHINKAWA group has been running its business as a manufacturer dedicated to semiconductor equipment for bonding processes since its establishment in 1959, and has enjoyed a top-class share in the market.
Semiconductors are used in all areas of our daily lives, and in recent years they are constantly advancing as demands for smart functions and higher performance increase. The semiconductor manufacturing industry to which we belong is also required to continually produce technical innovations to respond to the needs for diversified packaging methods on a timely basis. Under this rapidly changing environment, we cannot keep the attitude of following the existing technology, sticking only to traditional organizations and thinking, but to quickly adapt to the changes. We are in the situation where we need to evolve continually in order to keep winning your trust and meeting your expectations as the stakeholders.


My mission is to achieve transformation of SHINKAWA as a corporation responsive to changes in the business environment, and with the flexibility to deal with these changes. In order to achieve this goal, I will dynamically transform the company in the direction that can surely create profit as we pull together across our SHINKAWA intergroup boundaries and boldly implement structural reform, utilizing our strengths and redeeming our weaknesses. We will improve profitability by speeding up and streamlining business operations.


In addition, I believe it is important for each employee to have [Unshakeable Mind] and [Action] as the foundation of this structural reform. We have abundant know-how built up over long years as a manufacturer specialized in bonding equipment. With that know-how as the base, we will seek a broad vision, the capability to capture the essence to find potential value for customers, and strong mind to actively offer sophisticated high-quality equipment technology. I will instill such [Unshakeable Mind] and [Action] to the mind of each employee and develop individual awareness.


SHINKAWA group aspires to remain a corporation trusted by its customers, and steps up company-wide efforts to become a sustainably growing corporation.


We appreciate your continuous patronage and support.





President & COO Hiroshi Nishimura

April 1, 2015
Takashi Nagano
President and CEO, Representative Director

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